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Information for GPs

About the SouthWest Breast Clinic

Accurate assessment of breast symptoms leading to early diagnosis is the key to successful management of breast cancer.

The SouthWest Breast Clinic is operated by breast physicians with an interest and expertise in diseases of the breast.  The clinic offers a coordinated assessment of new breast symptoms, breast screening and counselling for high-risk patients, as well as ongoing follow-up after breast cancer treatment.

Patients are encouraged to firstly discuss any health concerns with their GP.  We value the central role that GPs play in the delivery of health care to the Australian community.

Although a referral is not necessary, it is helpful as the information provided on the referral will assist the SouthWest Breast Clinic in establishing the urgency of the assessment and further context about the patient’s condition. 

Who do we see?

At the SouthWest Breast Clinic, we welcome all patients, regardless of their age or symptoms.

Whilst Breast ScreenWA offer an exceptional service, this is only available every two years to Western Australian women 40 years or over with no breast symptoms.

HealthLink SmartForm Referrals

If your practice or clinic utilizes HealthLink secure messaging, and a recent version of Best Practice, Medical Director, or Genie, you may use HealthLink SmartForms to generate an electronic referral to SouthWest Surgery WA. HealthLink SmartForms provide the ability to automatically populate known patient details from your practice management software into the referral and attach clinical details as desired.

If you would like to investigate the use of HealthLink at your practice, more information can be found on the HealthLink website